Issue 165

Issue 165

The Way of All Flesh

Rob-Portrait351Did it seem to you that there was a worldwide overabundance of really good chocolate this holiday season? I’m not talking about your down-to-earth Hershey’s or Milky Way bars; I mean really fancy (so I am thinking extra fattening) chocolate, with names that you don’t pronounce half of the vowels written on the packaging. Anyway, I couldn’t walk my dog this festive season without someone giving me a piece of chocolate – and usually more like five or six pieces. (Which I would feel obligated to eat, just to be polite.) Hence, the way of all my flesh is expanding.

But I have a good weight loss plan that I think you all might be interested in. If I go into my workshop after work and stay there until bedtime — just think of the snacking I will avoid. And I will be bending over and lifting heavy stuff: that’s called exercise, my friend. As far as an aerobic workout goes (you know, where you get your heart rate elevated): how many of you have experienced that palpitating feeling after you cut one of four table legs a half-inch too short? It’s a sure bet that my heart rate will race at least once an evening. And here is the beautiful part of the whole plan, if someone — for example, someone you may be living with — mentions how much time you are spending in your workshop, you can reply that you are not out there experiencing self-centered enjoyment: no, no, no! You are doing the hard work of living healthy and losing weight, and you know, you might just need a little support in that activity.

No need to thank me now — later will be just fine.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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    MDF and Router Bits

    A thread in the last issue mentioned that MDF can quickly dull router bits. In particular, one post insisted “the pallets are used nails and all, and there is a pretty high metal content in MDF.” That inspired the following question.