Issue 173

Issue 173

Summertime Woodworking and Hot Tools

Rob-Portrait351When is the best time to do woodworking? When you can! There is a certain mythology that woodworkers go through some sort of inscrutable metamorphosis … some time around April or May each year (perhaps responding to increasing hours of sunlight or maybe due to paying their income taxes) … and emerge as gardeners or theatergoers or some other such thing. And then, the theory continues, some time in September, the Jeykll-and-Hyde transformation moves in the other direction.  All I can say is that this theory does not apply to me. I am more likely to be found in my shop in the summer in the winter … it is stinking cold in my shop in the winter. But the prevalence of this theory is so pervasive that many of my favorite woodworking media products go dormant during the summer months … like a horny toad in a dried-up water hole. What is a woodworker to do about this vernally inspired vicissitude? I am so glad you asked.

We are kicking off our Summer HOT-TOOLS Expo, a web site where you can find up-to-date information about the newest woodworking tools, updates from the summer woodworking trade shows and a super-cool free downloadable woodworking plan.  That ought to help shed the summertime blues!  Check it out and don’t forget … when your other woodworking outlets are letting you down … the Woodworker’s Journal has got you covered.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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