Issue 212

Issue 212

A Merry Gift-mas

Rob-Portrait351Now that my birthday of the year has passed (December 11, for those of you taking note for the future – I can write it on my staff’s calendars, but I can’t get to all of you), it seems that the focus has moved on to other December holidays – holidays when people expect me to give them gifts, instead of just receive (the nerve!).

In a more serious vein, I do love to share gifts with my family, particularly gifts that I make myself in my woodshop. This being an eZine aimed at woodworkers, I suspect many of you could say the same.

At this year’s Christmas celebration with my family, I’ll be giving my son a gift of an heirloom hunting knife that belonged to his grandfather – and my own addition to the gift will be a display box that I’ve built for the knife out of curly longleaf pine.

How about you? Are you busy building memories in your shops? If so, what are you making for gifts this year? Whether your family joins mine in celebrating Christmas, or your special December celebration is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the solstice – or even another birthday – tell us here at the eZine what you’re making, and share some pictures if you have them!

(The next eZine comes out on December 30, so it won’t ruin any Christmas surprises – and don’t worry about me in that regard. My son might dabble in woodworking, but he’s not invested enough in dear old dad’s work to actually read the eZine.)

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