Issue 216

Issue 216

I (Heart) My Shop

Rob-Portrait351This week marks the approach – and, in fact, the arrival, of Valentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated to expressing love. While neither St. Valentine nor Cupid is known as a symbol of love of their hobbies (unless you count archery . . .), this celebration offers a perfect opportunity to create something in the shop. (In my mind, nothing says you’re thinking of your special some one like red oak!)

It might be a gift your loved one will love in itself – or you could also use this opportunity to create a container for something like chocolates, airline tickets to a romantic getaway, a gift certificate to a spa . . . truly, the things that a wooden box can hold are endless – and so are the opportunities for relating woodworking to any and every calendar occasion.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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