Issue 222

Issue 222

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Rob-Portrait351When I wrote about “the radial arm saw that got away” in my last editorial, I had no idea what a flurry of comments I would touch off about the hallowed RAS. (Stories about radial arm saws always bring out comments from admirers of that special power tool.)

This time around, your e-mails have brought me to thinking about other tools that have passed through my hands, which, if I could change the past, would still be in my shop. For example, there was a down and dirty 1980s era Milwaukee router – nothing fancy, just a bundle of guts and power – that I would love to have in my shop today. Alas, it is gone, sold in a fit of fiscal responsibility . . . but I regret its absence. And I am betting that I am not the only woodworker to mourn the loss of a tool, be it sold, lost, stolen or destroyed.

What do you say, am I wrong? Do you have a similar sad story to tell? If so, e-mail it to me and we will likely share it in the Feedback section of the eZine. (But please, don’t make is too sad; I’d hate to be responsible for a rash of tear-soaked keyboards.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S.: Are you aware of the various online videos that Woodworker’s Journal has been putting together? There is a whole list of them on our homepage¬†

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