Issue 237

Issue 237

Speeding to 2010

Rob PortraitFor some reason, I am surprised that the last month of the year is here. For me, December always arrives with a mixed emotional impact. For example, on a personal level, I cannot get 2009 into my rearview mirror fast enough – it was a lousy year. On the other hand, December not only contains the regular run-of-the-mill holidays (which are great) – but also contains my birthday (December 11th, for those of you not yet my Facebook friends).

Another reason that I am really fond of December is that it is often full of stories of how generous folks are to one another.  I’ve mentioned before in this editorial the breadth of the generous spirit that woodworkers have displayed over the years. It seems that putting their skills to work for the benefit of others is second nature to many involved in our craft.

So, following up on that inclination, our contest for this issue of the eZine is designed to collect a list of good works in our world of woodworking. Simply send in the best charitable program that you have heard about that features woodworkers doing their thing, and your name will be put into our very large electronic hat. From that list, we will select three random winners. But the big winners will be the rest of us, as we will get to see a big list of opportunities for us to get involved. Think of it as an opportunity to make 2010 a better experience.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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