Issue 257

Issue 257

Autumn’s Woodworking Ramp-up

Rob-Portrait351While I do make a significant amount of sawdust in every season of the year, there is something about the arrival of fall that increases my time in the workshop. Perhaps, as with bears and hibernation, my body responds to fewer hours of sunlight with a biologically driven need to cut, glue and finish. It seems to affect other aspects of my life as well … this weekend, I stopped by a garage sale and could not resist buying a Stanley #78 rabbet plane and a Miller’s Falls bench plane (got ’em both for 40 bucks!). And, on top of that, as I drive by large beautiful trees, now losing their leaves up in this neck of the woods, I find myself wondering how many board feet of wood they might make if I were to harvest them. Weird.

So what about you? Is fall your go-to time for woodworking, or are you a year-round woodworker? Do you sail the cool winds of autumn to a safe harbor in your woodshop?

I hope that is the case. (I don’t want to be all alone in this effort.)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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