Issue 292

Issue 292

Starting Them With Style

Rob-Portrait351A few weeks ago, I wrote about my impending grandparenthood. The day draws ever closer, and I have decided upon the first woodworking project to embark upon for the progeny of my progeny: I am building her a dresser.

It’s a youth dresser (that means it’s smaller than the ones that are full-grown — a sapling, as compared to a mighty oak). I am painting it with white enamel, a finish that can kindly be called “bombproof.” (I did raise three children of my own; I am not unaware of the hazards children’s furniture faces.) But that does not mean it will lack style. Indeed, I am imparting some subtleties of Art Deco design into this project. My grandchild, by jove, will have taste! She will have style! She will have an appreciation for the historic moments in the history of furniture! The subliminal influences in the styling of her infant furniture will start her down the right path … into the shop.

Have you ever incorporated subtle stylistic stylings into a project for your progeny? Lead on, MacDuff, and tell me your tales.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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