Issue 303

Issue 303

Community Glues Woodworkers Together

Rob-Portrait351Community is a great concept — one that has been working well for thousands of years. And now, it’s working on the Internet … how do I know? After reading the Q&As in our last eZine, some readers had a question about one of the questions — or, at least, about the answer. Should you or shouldn’t you leave the cap on the CA glue for storage, was the debate in the comments. How to clarify this sticky situation? We have an answer provided in this issue’s Feedback department from someone who’s stuck on glue: Bob Behnke, a technical specialist at Franklin International.

How did this come about? eZine readers — that would be you — asked questions, and Woodworker’s Journal found the answers, bringing you together with an expert from the manufacturing world. As always, your voice is an important part of the woodworking conversation. You are the community of the eZine world.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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  • Feedback

    CA Glue Caps: On or Off?

    One of our queries in last issue’s Q&A dealt with the topic of keeping glue fresh. While the original question dealt with polyurethane glue, one of the Woodworker’s Journal experts broadened his answer to include cyanoacrylate [CA] glue — and it seems that therein lies some confusion.

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