Issue 35

Issue 35

Be Active…Do Good

World events continue to dominate the news and our lives. To a news junkie like myself (I know all the names of NPR reporters by heart), it is only an adjustment of degree as I keep an ear to the radio and my fingers on my keyboard. In these unsettling days, many people have found themselves plastered to their favorite form of media, and that’s understandable. But let me offer some advice. (I know, I’m always offering advice…but this time it will be good!)

Don’t ignore the events of the day, but do give yourself some time away from them. Be active. If you want to woodwork, go ahead and do it. But I’m also talking about acts of service. If there is anything positive to take away from the attacks and the following distress, it is the renewed desire of everyday folks to make a difference for good. Giving blood or donating to relief funds and charities are great things to do. But don’t stop there. Many opportunities abound in your community: literacy programs, Meals on Wheels, food pantries, etc. Volunteer at your church, synagogue or mosque. Just look around. This very morning I got an e-mail from a fellow who is taking the free plans from our last issue and organizing his woodworking guild to build toys for kids living at nine different local women’s centers. All I can say is: great idea.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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