Issue 4

Issue 4

You’re Really out There!

You’re really out there!

In my last letter to you, I mentioned my desire for more significant communication, in the spirit of woodshop camaraderie. Your response was just great. I received many e-mails from woodworkers who identified with being bitten by the woodworking bug. I also got tons of compliments on the eZine in general, as well as several suggestions for new eZine departments, a few offers to write stories for the ‘Zine and one comment on my cheesy goatee (that from a fellow editor).

So, keep it up. I’m all ears (or in this case, eyes). I’m interested in what you are thinking — about the eZine, woodworking, tools, woodworkers, techniques, and/or projects … but not my beard. This issue concludes the messy shop contest, and I must say we are cut from the same cloth. My office photo is included as proof positive. Please notice the special sections in the table of contents below because they won’t necessarily show up on the navigation bar when you go to the live version of our eZine.Read on, enjoy, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Industry Interviews

  • Ridgid Gets Urgent

    Brian Sponsler faced the prospect of developing the Ridgid brand of woodworking products, building a new product development operation from scratch, and finding a whole new distribution channel for his company’s tools.

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