Issue 424

Issue 424

Curses! Amazon and Failure

Rob-Portrait351One of the projects on my “need to build list” has been a bunk bed for my grandchildren. It has been on the list for a while. At first, I was just going to refurbish a bunk bed that I made for my kids nearly 40 years ago — which is still lying around in pieces. But, due to my poverty years ago, many of the components of that bed were made of particleboard, and I am too flimsy to move it around now.

So, then I decided to make a new one from scratch. But it was on my “next project after this one” list … and so it languished. Then, last week, I got the call from my son. “Connor does not fit in his crib anymore … and while he was jumping out of it, he broke it to pieces.”

I felt terrible, and so, after a quick scan of the Internet I had a lovely bunk bed set heading to their house from Amazon (free shipping!).

Oh well, it is not my first failure of the year, nor will it be my last. But it stings all the same!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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