Issue 509

Issue 509

Under the Tree

I confess that I have an embarrassing wealth of woodworking tools and products that I own. It comes from 40 years in the craft, with over 20 of those in woodworking-related publishing. Even so, at this time of year, I start to think of some special things that I might like to get for Christmas. A couple of large chunks of butternut for turning. A cart that can handle heavy sheet stock with ease (I am not 20 years old anymore). Maybe even a laser to mount on my CNC router. (Did I not say I have an embarrassing richness of tools?)

At the same time, I will be more than happy if all that I get for the holidays is a hug from my grandkids and some time with family. I truly understand how fortunate I am.

But, that does not stop you from wishing for a few things from Santa. And I am wondering what those things are … and if you share them here, perhaps your friends and family will seem them, too!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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