Issue 52

Issue 52

Sweat and Sawdust

Summer time, and the woodworking is easy…

There is a theory held by some of us who write about woodworking that the summer is a time of year when woodworking slows down … almost to a dead stop. This has never been true of my woodworking, but I’d like to hear about the summer habits of the eZine faithful. Do you do woodworking during the summer? If so, is it different during the dog days in some specific way? Do you build outdoor projects in the summer? Would you say, perhaps, that instead of building furniture, your summertime shop efforts are more home improvement oriented?

Or do we in the “biz” have it right? You are all simply too busy traveling, fishing, or in some other way occupied to such an extent that woodworking simply falls by the wayside. Let me know how it is with you. As for me, I need to get back to sweating and sawing … After all, we only have about a month of summer here in Minnesota; I don’t want to waste it!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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