Issue 547

Issue 547

Art on Shop Walls

The town where I live has a program called “Art on City Walls,” which, as the name implies, means they display a rotating gallery of local artists’ work on the walls of the city offices. A recent article in my alumni magazine highlighted a prominent art collector. And, as we were proofing the pages of the upcoming print Woodworker’s Journal magazine, one editor’s note questioned “where’s the rubber chicken?” in the photos of one of our author’s shops.

Art can definitely be a matter of personal preference.

It can also be a means of expressing our tastes, conveying a message, or adding a bit of cheer to our day. (Looking at pictures of my dog always makes me happy.) Another means of doing those things? Through your woodworking, in your shop, which, I’m going to assume, has walls.

What’s on them? Sure, you may have practical pegboard tool storage, cabinets, etc., but is there anything on your shop walls that’s just there as art? Whether it’s for whimsy, beauty, or to evoke memories, we’d like to know.

(Also: don’t look for the rubber chicken in the upcoming issue. Its presence was not critical to the project … and taste in art can evolve.)

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal



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