Issue 555

Issue 555

No One Will See It

It’s such a common response from woodworkers that it might even be universal: You have just given someone a shop-made gift, or are showing off the latest piece of furniture that you worked on for weeks. They are properly impressed with your work and say something nice about your efforts. What do you do? Immediately point out your woodworking errors — regardless of how microscopic or unimportant.

As I stated, this is so common that I am no longer surprised when I see it happen … but let me tell you a secret. Whatever blemish you somehow created in your work — that you see from across the room as if a spotlight were illuminating it to the whole world — others will never see it. Sometimes, even after you point it out, folks will still not see it (nodding politely as to not seem dumb).

So, here is some advice that you did not ask for: keep your mouth closed, zip your lips, say nothing, mum’s the word, keep your pie hole closed. I think you get the idea.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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