Issue 567

Issue 567

An Oscar? Maybe Not

Some of you are aware that we have a Woodworker’s Journal YouTube channel with hundreds of videos (some of them starring yours truly). They cover a wide range of topics: dovetails, applying a glaze to cabinet doors, some CNC projects, a few complete build videos — there is even a video of me playing the guitar and singing (I am not making this up).

You see, many of these videos “launched” here in the Weekly, but I am guessing that you missed a few. So, if you have time, swing over to our YouTube channel and check it out. We’ve got videos with hundreds of thousands of views (not the singing one).

And, while we don’t have an award system like the Oscars … let us know what video you like. It will help us make more that you find useful.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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