Issue 569

Issue 569

Hand Made?

I have a small project that I am going to build … it’s a personal project without a hard deadline (you may remember me mentioning it in the last editorial). I was noodling through the project in terms of its joinery the other day, and it struck me that this might be a project that I could do entirely with hand tools. Hand built from start to finish is a concept that I have thought about, but never really done. And, while this current project may be a bit more complicated than I want to do sans power tools, there is no task or technique in its construction that I have not already done with hand tools. I’ve just never done it all of a piece.

Which raises the question: How many of you have taken a project from start to finish without flipping the switch on a power tool? And if you did, what is your vote on this little cabinet of mine … yea or nay?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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