Issue 592

Issue 592

I Need More Power, Scotty!

Do you like woodworking adventures? How about learning new and different techniques to add to your woodworking bag of tricks? Me too.

I have been doing some power carving this summer, and I have to say I am really having fun. I’m no expert, but I have had some success creating an antique-looking “dough rising bowl” and an unusual table that some folks think is actually a bench. For these projects, I used Arbortech™ cutters and a couple of Makita tools, and they performed well.

Trust me, your woodworking knowledge will be a big advantage if you decide to give power carving a try. Understanding how wood grain cuts and wood movement issues in general are key to making the most of your time creating power carved sawdust. And let me just say, you’ll make A LOT of sawdust!

So check out the videos below … maybe they’ll help you add a little adventure to your woodworking life!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Featured Videos

Power Carving Project: Turning a Log into a Coffee Table

Rob found this huge section of a cottonwood tree and decided to turn it into a coffee table. Watch him use a combination of Arbortech power carving tools and a chainsaw to form the table. The back side of the table was charred to create a dark contrast with the natural finish he used on the front side and top.

Power Carved Ripple Bench

Evan and Katelyn made a simple bench and power carved an AWESOME texture into it! It’s modern, easy, and they are obsessed with the texture. Hope you enjoy the how-to!

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