Issue 609

Issue 609

Thank You

Today is New Year’s Eve, and the following day will begin the year of our woodshops 2020; whether it is the first year of a new decade or the last of the old seems to be something of a question for some folks. One thing that is not in question is that I am grateful for your support of the Woodworker’s Journal Weekly. Woodworking has been such a huge part of my life that I truly have a hard time even thinking of a life without it. And sharing that woodworking life with you has been a true pleasure.

So thanks again for supporting us. We do not take that lightly. And from all of us here at Woodworker’s Journal, we wish you a wonderful, happy and prosperous new year.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

How To Apply A Gel Stain On Closed Grain Hardwood

Examples: Maple, Birch, Beech etc.

How to apply this finish:
1. Sand the project up through the grits until at least 320-grit. It is a good idea to sand pieces that will be hard to reach before assembly.
2. Wipe the project with mineral spirits to check for glue splotches
3. Apply a good quality gel stain, let dry 24 hours
4. Use a wipe-on polyurethane type finish. Flood it on and wipe it off. Let rags dry flat and dispose of properly!
5. If you have any nail holes, cracks or defects in the wood, fill them now with a wood filler putty that matches the color of the stained wood (sand smooth)
6. Apply at least two more coats of the urethane
7. Optional: After the finish has cured for 72 hours, apply a coat of high quality paste wax and then polish it off
8. Optional: Substitute a wipe-on Danish Oil applied in the same manner

Painting Projects with Fuji Mini-Mite HVLP Sprayer

HVLP spray systems make it easy to apply smooth finish on just about any project. The Fuji Mini-Mite 4 Platinum HVLP Turbine and T70 Spray Gun features a four-stage turbine, professional spray gun and 25-foot air hose. This combination delivers professional results for both pros and hobbyists.

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