Your Latest Holiday Projects

Your Latest Holiday Projects

Recently, Rob asked how you were planning to be Santa’s workshop helper, and several of you offered up holiday projects that are fresh off the bench (or, in one case, a work in progress). – Editor

My youngest granddaughter likes to play with baby dolls. Her poor dolls have no bed, so she has been stuffing them in a drawer that is too small for them to fit in and covering them up. Well that just would not do. So Papa (me) drew up a baby doll cradle and built it for her baby dolls. And not to be outdone, Grams (my wife) bought our granddaughter a new baby Stella doll and then made our granddaughter some PJ’s and a matching set for her new doll. In addition, she made a mattress for the cradle and blankets and pillows too!

The boards you can see on my bench near the cradle are another Christmas present. Both of my daughters and their families like to play Rummikub, but the flimsy racks they give you when you buy the game break and fall apart. So all three families got new Rummikub tile racks to play the game with. – Jerry Carpenter

My wife is a quilter. So I thought I should make a quilt pattern out of wood. I’ll send photos of the finished piece, but here’s the start of it anyway. – Ken Schumacher

Here are a few of the gifts I made in the past month or so (yarn bowl and bar tools). I’m just learning the lathe, but I love it. – Scott Van Note

Thanks for the opportunity to show off the gifts I made for my family. Like you, I waited until the last minute and just finished making the last one in the nick of time. For my daughter-in-law, I made this cheese cutting board. I added the leather strap in case she would rather hang it on the wall. I made the little Bluetooth® speakers for my two sons, my wife and that same daughter-in-law. And then I decided that the trivet I made for my wife would make a nice “art installation.” Happy Holidays from Bonaire, Georgia! – Michael Reslie

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