Issue 63

Issue 63

Fanfare to Furniture

Regardless of what sort of woodworker you are, I’m pretty sure that building furniture is a constant in your shop life. Expert or hobbyist, Yankee or Southerner, power tool maniac or hand tool Neanderthal – furniture (from simple step stools to complicated bowfront bureaus) will be your focus. I know this because I talk with woodworkers every single day.

And now I find out that this tendency cuts across gender lines as well. How do I know? (I’m so glad you asked!) At this year’s annual meeting of The Furniture Society, my able associate editor, Joanna Werch Takes, led a panel discussion on the topic of Women in Woodworking. There was a bunch of good information discussed at the conference (click here for a story about the event), and Joanna did a quite bit of research before she got there.

But you know me. I need to find out from my own sources. Are there many women woodworkers reading the eZine? Is there a difference between how men and women approach woodworking? Are you busy working on your next piece of furniture, or are other aspects of the craft filling up your time in the shop?

Fill me in … I’ll share the results with you next time out!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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