Issue 631

Issue 631

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I am in a pretty lucky position: I get paid to build woodworking projects and try out techniques that I’ve never done before. Over the years, that has resulted in outcomes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous — everything from my attempt to once carve a rocking horse (that my wife dubbed a rocking doggie) to some very lovely pieces of work.

A few weeks ago when the pandemic changed our lives, I asked woodworkers if they thought this timeframe would allow them to learn some new aspects of woodworking. So now, I’m following up. What have you tried? Perhaps some hand-cut dovetails or veneering? Have the fruits of your shop labor produced a rocking doggie or was that all-new project more successful? Let us know what you’ve been up to!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

PROJECT: Adirondack Chair Plans

This classic project is fun and easy to build for woodworkers of all skill levels. For more information and a set of downloadable plans, click here.

Choosing Wood for Outdoor Projects: Five Fast Facts

What should you keep in mind before you build those snazzy new deck chairs? We have a few suggestions.

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