Issue 635

Issue 635

High Quality Hardwood

Some of you may know that Woodworker’s Journal has a group of online folks who have volunteered to be surveyed about various woodworking topics.

Recently one small part of a survey asked about the challenge to getting good quality wood for project building. That struck a nerve with me, and I wanted to ask our Weekly readership if that is your experience, too.

Generally, are you having increased difficulty finding good quality hardwood or other species to use in your shop? Is the quality of the wood available your challenge, or are you demanding better stock than you have previously? Let me know what you think. After all, you can’t do woodworking without wood!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Veneering with a Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump and veneer bag is a fully portable system that can be used anywhere. Here, learn some simple veneering techniques.

Cutting Bowl Blanks from a Tree

Dale Larson from the American Association of Woodturners takes you through the best methods for harvesting bowl blanks from a tree, and how to maximize your chances for getting the grain patterns you want.

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How many clamps does a woodworker need? Probably a few more! Clamps have all kinds of uses in a shop setting, and when you need ’em, well, you REALLY need ’em! The video below explores and explains some of the basic types and common applications of various clamps.

Introduction to types and uses of woodworking clamps

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