Issue 674

Issue 674

National Woodworking Month

Rob Johnstone photoApril is just around the corner. And while we won’t be publishing April Fool’s foolishness this year as we have in years past, today I’m taking an opportunity to remind you that April is considered to be National Woodworking Month. As if a single month is sufficient for the wonderment that is woodworking … But be that as it may, I am happy that we have a month to recognize its importance — national or otherwise.

So in support of this auspicious spring excitement, I propose an event of sorts. Send us a picture of your latest woodworking project via email. We will collect them and at the end of April put the collection on a webpage for your 15 minutes of fame. From that group we will randomly select a name, and that person will win a free tool of some sort. (While it surely will be a nice prize, don’t get your hopes up — you won’t need a truck with a liftgate to receive it.)

I am looking forward to seeing what you are working on. Next issue I will share a picture of my latest project and remind you to keep those entries coming in.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

VetsTurn: Helping Heal PTSD Through Turning

Program founder Paul Mayer teaches a spindle-turning class to VetsTurn learners via Zoom from his home workshop.

Online influencer and many other sponsors provide training and tools for veterans interested in woodturning.

Making and Installing Wood Bow Tie Inlays

Chris Marshall demonstrates an easier way to cut bow tie inlays in projects with Rockler’s Bow Tie inlay system.

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We’ve all been there – firing up the miter saw or table saw, ready to make some serious progress in the shop. But the cuts aren’t coming out how they should. It’s time to ask yourself – when was the last time you cleaned your saw blades? Luckily, it’s a simple process, as demonstrated in the video below. Remove pitch and resin buildup for cleaner cuts!

Scrubbing saw blade in shallow water

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