Issue 691

Issue 691

Back, Safe and Sound

As I mentioned last week, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the AWFS trade show. I was concerned that my wimpy, cold weather Minnesota body would be overcome with the blasts of desert heat. As it turned out, I did just fine and I really enjoyed the trip.

While the show was not as robust as in the pre-COVID timeframe (but I am sure it will be again in the future), it was really good to see some new woodworking ideas on the show floor and to touch base with woodworkers from around the country. One truly exciting thing is that there will be some great new products coming to market very soon. I can’t speak about them specifically, but they will start coming to light in the next few months.

Oh, and when I got home to Minnesota late last week, it was nearly as hot as Las Vegas. But unfortunately, it was not a dry heat…

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Steam Bending Basics

Rob Johnstone demonstrates the steam bending process, from building a steam chamber to creating the final product. He uses the Rockler Steam Bending Kit to produce a simple (and multi-use) steam chamber and builds a set of Scandinavian coat hooks.

Spindle-Turned Pencil Box

Turned pencil box projects

This clever pencil box project is practical, customizable, fun to build and will be appreciated by any kid (or kid at heart).

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Cutting slots with a router
Adirondack Templated Plans and Hardware Packs

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