Issue 77

Issue 77

Life Goes On: Enjoy it!

Rob-Portrait351Last Friday my eldest daughter, Rachel, was married in a beautiful outdoor evening ceremony, causing her dad to spend some time in a reflective mood. (Yes, I am the kind of dad who cries at his daughter’s wedding.) One thing I discovered was that weddings are remarkably like publishing. A million seemingly unrelated details that must come together seamlessly at their appointed time, calamity looming around every bend, emotions rising and falling, subjective decisions and everyone with an opinion: but in the end, it’s all worth the effort. And that is where perspective is so valuable. It is not just publishing and weddings … it’s woodworking, raising a family – you name it. The devil, and the delight, are in the details.

Enjoy the moment, and rejoice in life’s richness. It may not be as significant as a wedding, but a well-made dovetail can be uplifting in its beauty and practicality. Life goes on … just make sure woodworking is one of the details.

— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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