Issue 803

Issue 803

New Tools Are Fun

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Last week, I got to travel to a toolmaker’s U.S. office for a sneak peek at a new power tool. I can’t say anything about it right now, but I will be the first to go public with it in just a little while.

New tools and new versions of tools are something that always catch my attention. When another woodworker mentions a new product that somehow has flown under my radar, I get to feeling a little distraught — how could this have happened? So I confess that I have a woodworking machine “monkey” on my back. It has ever been so.

But to be honest, groundbreaking, industry-changing new tools are rare. I’m talking about those that change how woodworkers approach their order of work. I’ve got a couple in mind, but I want to ask you all, what new products do you think have made a huge impact in our craft? Let me know, and I will share your ideas and mine next week.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Routing Dovetail Spline Slots

Chris Marshall uses Rockler’s Rockler Router Table Spline Jig to make dovetail spline slots on a set of hickory nested tables.

AMPShare: Powered by Bosch

Bosch Amp share wireless tool battery

New alliance of 15 cordless toolmakers will offer products compatible with Bosch’s rebranded CORE18V battery platform.

Premium Project: Nesting Tables

Three stackable end tables
This table trio proves that hickory is more than just for hammer handles!

Premium Project: Graceful Bar Cart

Maple serving cart

This elegant and convenient cart can be used for entertaining your favorite people. Whether you are serving tea, wine, cocktails or cookies, you’ll find it helpful. Its top tray is removable for easy serving and cleaning.

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