AMPShare: Powered by Bosch

AMPShare: Powered by Bosch

One of the biggest frustrations among cordless tool users is that every tool brand has its own proprietary batteries that only work with its tools. Nothing is cross-compatible. Well, here in the U.S. and Canada, that’s about to change in 2023 for 15 cordless tool brands, thanks to a new alliance called “AMPShare — Powered by Bosch.”

Within this alliance, Bosch AMPShare-branded 18-volt batteries will power Bosch tools along with select tools made by FEIN Power Tools US, Rothenberger USA and 12 other brands. Those include HONSEL, Ledlenser, Mato, Medmix Cox and MK, Orgapack and Signode, PerfectPro, Steinel, Bosch Rexroth Corp, Titan and Wagner.

This AMPShare platform launched in the EU in 2022.

Bosch drill driver powered by AmpShare battery

Bosch explains that AMPShare — Powered by Bosch batteries are rebranded CORE18V batteries that deliver optimal power-to-weight ratio, high-power performance and COOLPACK 2.0 heat management technology. It’s a platform that has proven itself among professional power tool users for a number of years.

Many Tools, One Battery

Fein Multimaster doing detail sanding with Bosch battery

Alliance partner brands will be developing their cordless tools to use AMPShare batteries and chargers. Current Bosch power tool batteries and alliance products are compatible with the AMPShare battery, as well as future Bosch power tools.

As a couple of examples, the AMPShare battery system is compatible with FEIN MULTIMASTER 500 and 700 oscillating multitools to start, with additional FEIN tools coming soon. The third founding partner, Rothenberger, will off er AMPShare compatibility on select battery-powered products including its press tool, bending tool and vacuum pump in 2024.

While many of these alliance brands are trade-specific, and hobbyist woodworkers might not immediately benefit from AMPShare — Powered by Bosch initiatives, the effort to shift the cordless tool industry away from proprietary batteries and chargers, as well as a willingness to foster compatibility across brands, is commendable. It will be interesting to see if and how these developments influence other major power tool brands in the years to come.

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