Issue 81

Issue 81

Oh, My Word … It’s September!

Rob-Portrait351It used to be that I would misplace an hour or two; and occasionally find it hard to figure out which day of the week it was. Now, apparently, I can lose whole seasons. As my dotage approaches, it is easier for me to understand why older folks get focused on the past … the present just moves too quickly!

Perhaps with my children grown and out of the house … mostly … I just don’t have the end-of-summer start-of-school flurry of activities to cue my heat-impaired mind that fall is imminent. (In fact, upon us.) At least I have the fall woodworking ramp-up to snap me out of my summer reverie. New tools to check out and projects to build, I can’t wait. I’m guessing that you too are shaking off the hot weather lethargy and beginning to noodle on what your next masterpiece will be. So what are you folks planning to build? Furniture, gifts or something for your shop? Whatever your situation is, be sure to save a few minutes for the eZine, then get to work. It’s September, for goodness sake!

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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