Issue 830

Issue 830

Your Woodworking Must-Reads

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Those of you who subscribe to our print magazine have probably seen a tinted box on the Stumpers page called “Insights.” It’s an opportunity for me to peruse my woodworking library and find (at least to me) really great quotes from noteworthy woodworking authors.

I don’t own hundreds of woodworking books — true confession! — but I do have some really good titles. One of my favorites is Bob Flexner’s “Understanding Wood Finishing.” I’ll go so far as to say every single woodworker who wonders about wood finishes or wants to get better at the art and science of finishing wood should read Bob’s book. It’s downright foundational to the topic, and Bob writes in a style that anyone can comprehend. I learn something important every time I go back to it.

What’s a woodworking book you’ve gone back to again and again in your shop life? It can be a technical resource, a beautiful primer on furniture styles, an insightful reflection on this hobby we love so much … anything focused on woodworking. I hope you’ll share a favorite from your library!

Chris Marshall, Woodworker’s Journal

Festool TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus Plunge-cut Saw

Cutting panel with Festool track saw
New corded track saw has a diamond-tooth scoring blade that delivers splinter-free cuts.

Rare-earth Magnet Bit Holders

Storing screwdriver bits with rare-earth magnets
This simple shop storage tip will help you keep your screw driver bits handy.

In-Drawer Knife Block

Drawer knife storage block
Add custom storage to almost any kitchen drawer with a simple-to-make knife block.

Arts and Crafts Limbert Desk

Arts and Crafts Ebony-oak desk
Our author updates an Arts & Crafts classic. Building it will give your woodworking machines and skills a hearty workout.

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