Issue 90

Issue 90

Our Survey Says!

Rob-Portrait351Last eZine, we attempted our first-ever online survey. I can report back that it was an overall success … both technically (the silly thing actually allowed you to enter your answers and tabulated your responses), and from the point of view of getting some great feedback. Literally thousands of you answered the questions, and I was able to put all of your answers in perspective.

Even more of you would have liked to participate, but we did have a few technical challenges. (We’re working on them.) With that in mind, I have to say, all in all, it worked amazingly well. A couple of readers had a question that I want to be sure to address: they were concerned that, by participating in the survey, they were giving their e-mail address to another company. This is absolutely not the case. Our policy forbids us from sharing your e-mail address with anyone else.

Several more of you have already e-mailed me and suggested topics for future surveys and, as you might expect, I’ve got a few ideas as well. Look for our next online survey in two weeks. I really am looking forward to this new ultra interactive phase of the Zine.

Let’s keep the conversation going!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Q & A

  • A Burning Question

    The fence got knocked off my workbench one day, and I suspect that may be the source of burning. If I replace it with an aftermarket fence, what’s the best for the money?

  • Air-Pressure Tools for Woodworking

    I have found air tools have a big advantage over electric. I’m new to woodworking and wonder, which, if any, air tools are available and adaptable for working with wood?

  • Evening Out The Dentil Work

    I have seen a couple of methods of making dental molding, but how do I determine the size of the dentill molding so the proportions look correct and come out even on the ends?

  • Plastic Tube Time Bombs

    Should all the woodworkers out there with PVC systems put more effort into grounding them? A recent article showed a shop-built downdraft table hooked up to a plastic dust hose, is this a time-saver or time bomb?

  • Saw Tune-up Tips

    Previously, Rob Johnstone said that the saw needed a tune-up but did not give any links as where to go to find out about it.

What's In Store


  • Feedback

    Old Growth Timber

    According to one of our readers, in regions having long growing seasons, more than one annual ring can be added to both fast- and slow-growing trees.