Issue 92

Issue 92

It’s Your Soapbox!

Rob-Portrait351Our survey section is back, and we are again interested in getting your opinions to help us improve the eZine. The questions we are asking will help us to evaluate what you like most about the Zine and which departments you find least useful. For the Calendar department, for example, it should be easy and straightforward to apply the useful or not useful measure. If you use it to keep abreast of woodworking shows and such … it’s useful. Today’s Woodworker, our human interest segment, might not have such practical tips, but it would be “useful” if you find it interesting and inspiring. If it bores you to death … well, you get the picture.

So, please take a moment and let me know what you think; your opinions matter. When all the information is back and tabulated, I’ll tell you the results. Get your clicking fingers ready!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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  • Amperage for Cabinet Saw

    Even though I am not an electrician, I intend to wire the circuit myself since I have done this before with no problems. Does anyone know what the amperage rating for the 3hp motor is?

  • Band Saw Won’t Cut Straight

    I cannot get my Delta 9″ band saw to rip a 3-1/2 piece of wood straight no matter how tight I set the blade guides. The bottom cut takes off to the side.

  • Stop Block Kickback

    I know on a table saw, the stop block should end before the wood engages the blade to eliminate kickback, but how does this affect saws where the blade moves and the wood stays stationary-radial arm saw, miter saw and sliding miter saw?

  • Wood Movement from Virginia to Wisconsin

    Are there any authoritative references to resolving problems related to expansion and contraction of wood in projects when moving to colder and drier climates?

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