Issue 94

Issue 94

FREE…Woodworking Plans (the Price Is So Right)!

Rob-Portrait351As you know, we offer free woodworking plans with every issue of your eZine. (Yup, not only is the Zine free … but the plans are as well.) In fact, I know from various sources that a significant group of you consider the free plans to be one of our top attractions. But on occasion, readers do sometimes complain about them. I get many suggestions about the plans, including comments that are decidedly negative. This was recently mentioned in an e-mail sent out to a segment of our Zine list and the response was both encouraging and entertaining. A typical missive read:

I just cannot understand why anyone would complain about something free! I for one, thank you very much for making this service available and at a price I can afford!

And another voice heard:

I LOVE the plans I’ve been getting. I’m building a nice library of them. If you could just solve one problem … find me some time to go out to my garage and finish putting the shop together… and I’ll be all set!

So, whether you love them or ignore them, no one is arguing about the price … they are a bargain and a popular section of the eZine. (In our recent survey, readers identified them as “very useful.”) Be assured that they will continue and that we will continue to listen to what you have to say … for or against!


— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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