Welcome to the NEW WOODWORKER’S JOURNAL Website!

Welcome to the NEW WOODWORKER’S JOURNAL Website!

We’re excited to introduce you to the new home for Woodworker’s Journal content on the web.

We understand that initially it may feel a little like someone rearranged the contents of your kitchen cabinets, but once you’ve had a chance to navigate through the site, we think you’ll like the new organization and how much easier it is to find interesting new woodworking videos, tips, products, skills and stories.

We’re not the first to relaunch a website, and we know that there are likely to be a few kinks to work out in the first couple of weeks. We appreciate your patience as we work through any minor issues that arise. We will do everything we can to make this a smooth transition.

Let’s get started! We encourage you to check out these new and updated areas of our site:

New top navigation menu and drop down menus

Float your cursor over any of the top navigation menu tabs to reveal a drop down menu that lists many additional content categories. Click on a category title to open that page of the site.


eZine Content

You’ll find all of the eZine content categories located under the home page top navigation tabs. We tried to place each eZine category under the most logical tab, but we admit that there were a few categories that were a little tricky to place. For example, Today’s Woodworker is located under the Blogs tab because those stories are about people and we didn’t think they belonged under one of the tabs that’s dedicated to tools or skills, so Blogs seemed like a good home for them.


eZine Featured Free Plans

We will continue to offer three free plans to our eZine subscribers in every new issue of the eZine. These plans will be available for two weeks from the time the eZine is delivered. You can access the plans directly from the eZine, or you can access them from the website on the Featured Free Plans page, located under the Plans tab.


The first time you try to access a free plan you will be asked to enter your email address (see pop-up box in photo below) to verify your eZine subscription or to sign you up as a new subscriber. This ensures that the free plans are a benefit limited to our eZine subscribers. Once you have entered your email address, you should not have to enter it again until you clear your computer’s stored cache.


Reader’s Project Gallery

The new Reader’s Project Gallery page can be accessed in the drop down menu under the Community tab.


This gallery features all of the past reader submitted projects. You can submit your latest projects (or old favorites that you haven’t submitted in the past) by clicking on the Submit Your Project button in the top right corner of the page.


This opens the form to submit your project. You must enter your name, email address, project title, project description and one to six photos of your project. Your submission will be sent for review and be posted by Woodworker’s Journal staff. Your project will not be posted immediately. We do our best to post projects in a timely manner.


Video Gallery Page

You’ll find a collection of our latest videos organized into categories for easy navigation.


Our Store

We have partnered with Rockler Woodworking and Hardware to manage our store. All of our products and plans are now hosted in our new store which is located on the Rockler site. Rockler’s expertise in handling online transactions means you’ll have an even smoother and more secure shopping experience.


Questions about the new site:

As with any new website launch, there are bound to be a few bumps and glitches in the first week or two. We appreciate your patience as we get everything dialed in. Thanks again for joining us on woodworkersjournal.com!

If you have questions about the new site or you’d like to share your compliments, please email us at contentcoordinator@woodworkersjournal.com . Please use the subject line – New Website

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