What’s Your Tool Review Wish List?

Magazines are a funny business when it comes to keeping track of time. Here at Woodworker’s Journal, we’re waiting for the December issue to hit the mail—(that’s happening real soon, by the way). In the meantime, we’re deep into production on the January 2011 issue, despite the fact that it isn’t even mid October yet. That’s how publishing goes. Sometimes, between print assignments, our eZine tasks and planning ahead, I forget exactly which month I’m currently in. My wife, however, won’t accept “job” as a reason for my forgetfulness. She’s convinced these are actually the onset of “senior” moments…

But hey, even though we’re hard at work on the first issue for next year, that doesn’t mean we have the entire 2011 editorial calendar written in stone just yet. So, here’s my point in writing this entry: as you know, I do quite a few of our tool reviews each year. We come up with those tool test ideas based on lots of factors, but I’d like to add another one to the mix. I’d like to hear your input.

What types of tools would you like to see us put under the microscope next year? I can’t promise we’ll take every idea that comes in and run with it (we do have some ideas of our own, for gosh sakes!). But, a good magazine should be informed by its readers. So, do you have any big tool purchases in mind for next year? Have you been toying with the idea of buying a new whatchamacallit for some big project? Maybe it’s time to step up to a bigger jointer, a flashy new router or a bad-boy-sized air compressor. If any tools are on your wish list, I’ll bet you’d love to see an article that helps you make a more informed decision. Here’s your chance to throw a tool review idea into the collective hat and let us know how we can help you buy right.

I hope you’ll take a minute or two and jot down a response here. There are still some openings in our tool review calendar. Maybe you can help us fill them—and get a little hardware feedback before you write that big check.

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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