Where’s the Planter? Plus Keeping a Table Even

In last week’s eZine editorial, Rob showed a picture of a fish he caught on his fishing trip – but not the planter he made for his daughter. Readers noticed.

One also shared a photo of a barbecue of some of his own “catch.” – Editor

“Looks like you caught some good eating during your fishing trip. We do it here in Louisiana a bit different sometimes…but it is all scrumptilicious! How about some photos of that fancy planter?” –  Greg Little

“Welcome back.  As I read your story, I was looking forward to seeing a picture of your daughter’s planter.  I’ll bet I’m not the only one, either. Hope your mosquito bites are healed.” – Rick Corbitt

And, in response to last issue’s Q&A about “How to Shorten Bar Stool Legs Evenly,” we go this mathematical response. – Editor

“If you do manage to get the legs perfectly even, then it doesn’t matter if the floor isn’t perfect. Good old mathematics tells us it’s always possible to find a position where the chair will sit flat. Just rotate it a little bit. Explanation and proof in this video.” – Scott Noyes

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