Wood-hoarding Problem?

Wood-hoarding Problem?

Last week, Rob proudly displayed a truckload of walnut chunks he’s acquired and wonders if his tendency to collect too much free wood is a problem. – Editor

“I don’t think you have a problem at all. You just need to find the perfect project. I know because I am in the same position. I have a pile of wood I have harvested from trees cut down in my neighborhood. Simply not enough projects! Thanks for sharing.” – Ken Lordy

“You don’t have any 8- or 9-ft. pieces…” – John Matthews

“Well Rob, It looks like that truckload of black walnut will help you out in the winter for traction. Pickups are known for being a little light in the rear end. That is why I quit wood hunting. I tend to reach beyond my capabilities and wind up with the wood more in my way than on my bench. Good luck with it! I’m sure you will get some great pieces out of it.” – Dave Scott

“The article about the black walnut is so interesting and inspires the question: What will you make from the crotch piece? Nature started a new black walnut tree as our old one is ebbing away. I did get to make baklava with the nuts, too. Have fun with yours!” – Mary Erickson

“Congratulations on the walnut falling into your pickup. When such opportunities arise, it’s great to be able to take advantage. Living in the Chicago area like I do makes such opportunities extremely unlikely. Plus, I don’t have anywhere to store large quantities of green wood until it dries enough for use. But I do have a story. A neighbor of mine at our Michigan place emailed me to come look at his wood acquisition the next time we were there. A friend of his was retiring from the woodworking business and auctioning off his workshop. My friend went to the auction ‘just in case.’ When they got to the wood stock, my friend said the bidding stopped at about $200. So he threw in a bid and got it all for just a little bit more. It took him four trips with his SUV to get it all back to his house! It’s a great selection of boards in varying thicknesses: cherry, ash, oak, who knows what else?  He says if I have a project in mind, check with him! So now I look forward to your video showing off what you do with it. (No pressure.) Happy holidays!” – Don Gwinn

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