Wood to the Rescue!

As a card-carrying member of the woodworking fraternity (and sorority … no bias here, sister), I have no problem making this general observation – we are a thrifty bunch. No shame to our tendency to stretch a dollar until it snaps, in fact, our penny-pinching ways are a badge of honor to most of us. Perhaps connected to this money saving mania, but perhaps a separate malady of it own, is the fact that we are opposed – perhaps on cellular level – to throwing scrap wood away. The combination of these two traits can lead to some frighteningly large collections of virtually unusable wood … until now!

The Alternative Energy blog offered an option that should appeal to our tight-fisted nature and could reduce those huge piles of scrap:

Wood powered cars.

I am not making this up. Wood powered cars apparently made their first appearance in Europe during WWII, but don’t take my word for it: click here to read for yourself!

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