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I can easily say that in the history of this woodworking newsletter, there are few questions I have asked that have engendered a response as big and with emails as detailed as my “So how should I go about teaching my grandkids to do woodworking?” question last week.

If you click on the Feedback section of the Weekly (one of the most popular departments in our newsletter), you will get an idea of what I am talking about. Chris Marshall, our senior editor, said it took him over three hours to get all your responses edited and in place. (Whoa!)

Let me say thank you for your thoughtful replies – I read every one. Clearly, the craft is well-positioned for the future with your mentorship efforts, and I will take your advice to heart when exploring woodworking with my grandkids. All I can say is, keep on making sawdust!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Making Cove Cuts

You can do more than make straight cuts with a table saw. You can make concave cove cuts by moving the stock diagonally across the blade. The key to safely making this cut is to use a cove cutting jig. A cove cutting table saw jig guides and secures the work piece across the blade between two parallel fences. The Rockler Cove Cutting Jig includes everything you need for safe, easy cove cuts on your table saw in one easy-to-use package. It accepts stock up to 7″ wide and 1-1/2″ thick, enabling you to cut huge crown moldings that would cost a fortune from the lumberyard. The ingenious clamping system secures the fences using the 3/4″ miter slots on the saw table. Large, easy grip knobs make for quick, tool-free setups. Included featherboard kit holds stock firmly to the table for added safety, precision and repeatability.

Score First to Stop Dovetail Blowout

Scoring dovetail pin locations with band saw
If you’re having trouble with blown-out corners after using a dovetail jig, Bruce Kieffer has a simple solution for ensuring clean cuts.

Premium Project: Tool Battery Charging Cabinet

Chris Marshall's workshop battery charging cabinet
This easy-to-build shop project will store six chargers and keep more than a dozen tool batteries ready for use.

Premium Project: Space Saving Miter Saw Station Project

Narrow workbench and miter saw stand
This space-saving shop solution gives you the capacity to make cuts on your miter saw without sacrificing bench space.

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The new Rockler Trim Gauge makes it easier to measure and cut window and door trim molding to the perfect lengths.

Tool for installing trim

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