Rob Johnstone

  • Once More into the (Knee) Breeches

    A buddy of mine flew into town from Beaumont, Texas, just in time for the first of May. Of course when he got into Minneapolis it was snowing, but while he found that remarkable … we did not.

  • Fools of a Feather

    Without a doubt, our April Fool’s eZine created the highest level of feedback in our five years of online publishing.

  • Oops, I Sent It Again!

    Irony can be a bittersweet experience. Last issue I extended a call for shop goof-up stories. (You will see a compilation of the best and goofiest next eZine.)

  • Fun with Woodworking

    One of the goals I have for the eZine, in addition to our primary focus of delivering solid woodworking information, is to have a bit of fun. Hence, we have held, via the eZine, the messiest shop contest, a silliest project contest and, recently, our first annual woodworking poetry contest.

  • Judging the Future

    Last week I had the good fortune to be invited to judge a collection of projects produced by students attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College. My fellow judges were guys from various aspects of the woodworking community here in town.

  • RIDGID R2400: From Ham-Hands to Small, This Trimmer Is For All

    Recently, on one of my previously discussed trips to the South, I attended a new tool roll out by RIDGID power tools. One tool that caught my eye was their new laminate trimmer.

  • Bulls Eye French Polish: Rubbing out Finishing Problems

    Those of us who have applied a traditional French Polish know of the technique’s benefits and its drawbacks. Its most important benefit is the remarkable finish it delivers.

  • A Hunkering Down Weekend

    We here in Minnesota take great pride in the fact that we live where weather deserves to be the dominant conversation. Just last week, about five miles from my cabin, the air temperature measured 54° below zero. Garrison Keillor calls us “God’s frozen people” for good reason. But watching the news recently tells me that people in other parts of the country are getting to know the secret benefits of truly nasty weather.

  • Franklin’s Liquid Hide Glue: Classic Control

    Franklin’s Titebond Liquid Hide Glue is a product I heartily recommend. It is available in a variety of sizes and from many convenient sources. If you have not used it yet, why not give it a try in your next project?

  • Milwaukee Makes its Move

    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation announces the introduction of V28 lithium ion battery technology after nine years of research and development.