Rob Johnstone

  • Working to a Deadline

    My son is getting married on the 29th of August…and so I’m working on my house like a madman! For some reason…it may be genetic…I don’t seem to be able to get anything done without a deadline.

  • RIDGID’s Top-Secret Tools Unveiled

    What’s orange and black and ready to rock and roll? The new line of RIDGID handheld cordless and corded power tools, as well as their stationary and benchtop offerings.

  • Great Summer Reading

    Most of you know that putting out the eZine is just part of my job. I am also the editor of the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine.

  • Summer Shows Approach!

    Some folks look forward to summer as a time that is slow and easy … well, they sure don’t work in the woodworking publishing industry.

  • Life Goes On: Enjoy it!

    Last Friday my eldest daughter, Rachel, was married in a beautiful outdoor evening ceremony, causing her dad to spend some time in a reflective mood.

  • Survey Says!

    The question I asked was “do you read the eZine at home or at work?” Well, let me say that in a highly unscientific examination of your replies, reading the Zine at work is ahead by a small but significant margin.

  • Survey: eZine at Work or Home?

    Often, the address or footer will indicate that the e-mail I am reading has come from a place of business. So … where do you read the eZine?