Roudebush Company 1901 Coaster Wagon

With the holidays getting closer, we’re starting to see quite a few “projects as gifts” submissions.

This was a rush job for a friend of mine. He bought the kit from Rockler and originally made the wagon from pine. Once completed, he hated it, a year passed and he hadn’t gotten around to finishing it for his granddaughter. As he was caught moving and just didn’t have time, I offered to finish it up for him. What a blast!

I had a great time just having fun with things like the licensee plate, the spokes and hub caps and the custom bumper to keep the handle from getting banged up.

He (they) we very pleased with the outcome.

– Doug Whitson; Phoenix, Arizona

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Wagon - Side

Wagon - Wheel

Wagon - Back

Wagon - Side - 2

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  • Robert M

    Hey Rob,

    I can’t find those plans, ANYWHERE. Rockler says they don’t have them.


  • Matt Becker

    The hardware kit and plan are only available online through Rockler:

    Buckboard Project Wagon Hardware Kit and Plan

    Hope this helps!


  • TJ


    Looks great. I have the same kit. Is that red oak or white (or ash)? Also for the wagon floor did you use 3/4 or 1/2 plywood?