Adirondack Loveseat

July 30th, 2010 by

This reader-submitted project shows once again that great projects can come from wood that someone else might call “trash”.

I built this adirondack style loveseat out of reclaimed redwood,  It had previously been someone’s deck.  Lot’s of rot, dirt, nails, screws, and loose knots had to be dealt with.  This project is based on Norm Abram’s plan, but I’ve made the back a bit taller and the material a bit thicker.

- Dean Morrell

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Matt Becker
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Adirondack Loveseat

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7 Responses to “Adirondack Loveseat”

  1. Louis Mulder says:

    Very nice,i like the darker version!!Where is this plan available?

  2. Patrick Files says:

    Hi Louis–you can order the plan from Norm’s website:
    and I think it’s in one of Norm’s books, too.

  3. Tom B says:

    Be careful, be very careful building furniture with redwood!!!

  4. Art S says:

    Tom B. Please explain your comment regarding “careful building furniture with hardwood”. Sounds like there is a problem????????………………art

  5. Chris Marshall says:

    I’m curious about that one, too. Tom, have you had some bad experiences with redwood that you’d like to share?

  6. MBold says:

    Tom must be referring to the chromated copper arsenate (CCA) normally found on older woods already used for other projects. I have read that CCA can cause health problems and is not environment friendly. We could always check and verify. There is no harm being cautious using second hand materials.

  7. BBQ Islands says:

    My grandpa used to collect garbage and turn them into usable things like that wooden chair above. There’s something in that chair that reminds me of him. So nostalgic! T___T

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