Birdseye Maple Morris Chair

The unique grain pattern of this reader-submitted project puts a fresh look on a classic design.

As you can see by the photo it is a Morris style chair. I put a little spin to it like instead of the slats on the sides I used flat panels of Birdseye Maple.

– Jesus “Rocky” Rodriguez

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Morris Chair 1

Morris Chair 2

Morris Chair 3

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5 thoughts on “Birdseye Maple Morris Chair

  1. Nice chair but the upholstery really (!!!) clashes with the birdseye. Something solid would have been appropriate.

  2. The flat panels of Birdseye Maple give the chair “personality”. Unique approach. Thanks for the posting.

  3. Thank you for your coments yes I understand that the fabric perhaps Clashes with the birdseye, but input like these is what will make thing better, I am in the proccess of replacing the covering with leather I think i will look a lot better ( thanks for the Criticism ) point well taken.

  4. Hi Rocky,

    I wonder if you would consider making a chair like the one above for my home. A matching ottoman would be desired as well.

    Mark Schubert

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