Boat-Shaped Cradle

I was a little late getting this posted (it came in over the holidays), but I wanted to share this striking piece of work that I would guess even experienced boat builders would appreciate.

Here is a baby cradle that I just finished for my new nephew (Christmas present).  Many more hours than I had planned, but well worth the effort.

- Russ Oswald

I wouldn’t be surprised if the little one grows up being drawn to a life at sea …

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

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7 thoughts on “Boat-Shaped Cradle

  1. Looks awesome !!! Very unique. My first thought was wondering how dangerous those pointy ends on the rocking part would be around a toddler, but assuming there won’t be any then I see how they resemble waves, and realize just how much deep thought must have went into this project. Congratulations on a fantastic peice !

  2. Man, I’ve done cradles too but none like yours. That is one fine piece of wood work Russ…


  3. My wife’s son and his wife are expecting. He is an avid sailing enthusiast and I’d love to make a cradle like this for him. Is there any chance you could post the plans for this, and, maybe some of the techniques you used to create this masterpiece, please?



  4. This is truly awesome! Can you provide dimensions for this cradle and any other tidbits you can share.

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