Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?

January 4th, 2010 by

When Field Editor Chris Marshall sent us this photo of the collection of Cabinet Saws in his shop preparing for the review you’ll find in our February issue, the completely ridiculous image just begged for a fun caption.

My entry? “A cabinet saw bomb went off in my shop!”

Got a better one?  Leave it in the Comments section and let’s see what our clever readers can come up with!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator


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97 Responses to “Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?”

  1. Rick Waters says:

    OK, all set! Now, if only I had a table saw…

  2. tom weaver says:

    We will now prove that any joint can be made with a table saw alone!

  3. Karl says:

    Tired of making blade changes, Joe equips his shop with a saw for each application.

  4. Waddaya know? You really CAN have too many saws!

  5. What are those funny things covering the tops of the saw blades?

  6. Ken Weinert says:

    Kirk to Engineering: the transporter is stuck on “Copy” again

  7. HJ.Martell says:

    where’s the wood..

  8. Patrick says:

    Sniffing the thinners will usually leave you seeing double or even triple… in this case, there was more than one bottle open…


    Why, when looking for a hammer, can you always find everything BUT the HAMMER!!


    When Chris was done using the company credit card on New Years Eve, he knew he would one day live to regret the drunken purchases…


    Where’s the machine that goes PING?!

    that’s all :)

  9. Peter Towler says:

    In the new workshop, space was a bit of a saw point!!

  10. RMPETTI says:

    Do you think the wife will buy this one?

  11. Mike Arvay says:

    Hey! SawStop’s cheating. He brought his own dust collector!

  12. woodgeek says:

    now where did I put that universal blade changing wrench?

  13. Rich Wellen says:

    Measure once, cut seven times!

  14. The table saw class was great… until we got to the 4×8 sheets of plywood.
    The guy on the Powermatic was lucky.


    …we’re gonna need a bigger shop.

  15. Graybeard50 says:

    You just can’t leave those things alone in the dark.

  16. Bill Whitney says:

    Perhaps your wondering why I have asked you here today?

  17. larry stoiaken (publisher) says:

    Wait: I could swear Rob said “I need a budget for 10 shots of a table saw…” NOT “I need a budget for 10 table saws in a shot.”

  18. Bob Shubert says:

    Now this…. is a real heavy metal group.

  19. Chris Marshall says:

    Proof positive why Chris needs his 20-ft.-long Starrett straightedge: Must square all table saws to walls and to one another before testing can begin!

  20. Don Miller says:

    Just two more, and I’ll have enough for the entire cabinetmaking class!

  21. Rich says:

    That shop is a cut above the rest.

  22. …and whatever you do, DON’T feed them after midnight!!!

  23. Gerald Tobin says:

    I am Thinking, IF I could get the Dust collector out, I might just be able to get myself a much needed table saw in here.

    Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

    On Your Mark – Get Set – GO

  24. Gary Storme says:

    and then I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

  25. Don Miller says:

    I’m gonna need a bigger dust collector!

  26. Pablo says:

    See saw, see saw, see saw, see saw, etc.

  27. Dave Ray says:

    TABLESAW….. We don’t need no steenkin tablesaw

  28. David Harris says:

    To close for comfort

  29. ArmchairDIY says:

    ” Those of you who are working in a smaller shop may be able to perform this same operation with only 5 table saws. Although be warned it will require additional setup time.”

  30. LD Johnson says:

    Table Saw what Table Saw?? –Luke–

  31. Adam says:

    And that’s how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn a regular cabinet saw into seven cabinet saws

  32. Josef Cook says:

    Cabinet saws of the world, UNITE!

  33. Clay Baldwin says:

    Boy You’ve got one great wife!!!

  34. Don Shaw says:

    I dreamed that I was in saw Heaven, then I remembered that I was supposed to give Chris’s picture a name.

  35. Carol Oster says:

    Where do good woodworkers go when they die?


    There must be thousands of them… millions… What are they doing?

    It looks like they’re getting ready for an invasion.


    One too many beers from the shop fridge gave Ellis quadruple vision.

  36. Jim Mason says:

    “Do you see what we saw?”
    “Dang, I guess I should have only sent one letter to Santa!”
    “To saw,,, the impossible dream”

  37. Harold Cutcher says:

    The graduating class of Table Saws

  38. Mike says:

    eenie, meenie, minee, mo….
    which one has a blade ready to go…

  39. Mike says:

    Those saws reproduced quicker than rabbits..

  40. Jim Finley says:

    Too saw, or not to saw…

  41. Darrel Tenter says:

    March of the cabinet saws!

  42. gary says:

    All those table saws………….and so little wood to cut.

  43. [...] Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption? “When Field Editor Chris Marshall sent us this photo of the collection of Cabinet Saws in his [...]

  44. Ron Biggs says:

    Hey mom, where`s the wood?

  45. Dennis Hayslip says:

    When we’re done testing all these fine cabinet saws, Mr. Dennis Hayslip of Weatherford, Texas gets to pick whichever one he wants for his very own! Congratulations Dennis!

  46. Chad says:

    Why not? My wife does the same thing with shoes….

  47. William Babb says:

    The saws huddled trying to chose a leader…

  48. Ken Minich says:

    “Circular, Dude!”

  49. Frank Byron says:

    Oh what goes on at night when the lights are out and the humans have gone.

  50. Scott says:

    So many saws… so little time…

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