Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?

When Field Editor Chris Marshall sent us this photo of the collection of Cabinet Saws in his shop preparing for the review you’ll find in our February issue, the completely ridiculous image just begged for a fun caption.

My entry? “A cabinet saw bomb went off in my shop!”

Got a better one?  Leave it in the Comments section and let’s see what our clever readers can come up with!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator


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Matt Becker is the Content Coordinator for Woodworker's Journal and manages much of our online content. While very much a novice when it comes to woodworking, Matt is a fan of anything creative and "home-made", such as home-brewed beer, home-roasted coffee, and his home-built road bicycle.

97 thoughts on “Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?

  1. The first saw was too weak…the second saw required Phase 3…the third saw was just right.

  2. Ok Sir can you pick out the saw that cut your finger out of the line up. Take your time they can’t see you.

  3. On a dare, Chris Marshall attempted to build realistic wooden replicas of cabinet saws in his workshop. Can you guess which one is the real saw?

  4. Well whada ya know! Elevating saws does make it easier to sight the cut line. I tried it on every brand and model! Sure beats stepping in and out of that hole in front of the saw. Short people rejoice!!!!

  5. When Chris showed his wife the invoice for the Unisaw, she filed for divorce. In a fit of spite, he quickly emptied their bank accounts and thought “I’ll show her!”

  6. I said “Go back and buy the seven Cabinets we Saw last week for the garage”.

  7. Now class, today our lesson is in “ripping”. Put away your miter gauges and take out your fences. No, Skil, you aren’t required to do today’s lesson.

  8. Well, I bought the saws they recommended in the Woodworker’s Journal Magazine. Now what do I do?

  9. Sometimes you just get lucky and find the right pair of rabbit saws. Then a couple of weeks later, this is what you get…do you have any idea I’ve already given away?

  10. there I finally got more toys er tools than Norm …er what to you mean He retired ? hmm I guess that makes Me king of the Neanderthals !!!!! its GOOD to be the King !

  11. If you pan around the rest of the shop you’ll see my 8 Jointers, 7 drill presses, 6 lathes, …. and a Bird feeder in a pear tree

  12. Now I not only have one for each blade, but all the common angles also. Setup is now a rare occurence.

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