Cedar Birdhouse

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While most of our feathered friends have flown south for the winter, now is a perfect time to make some birdhouses for when they return!

I have attached two photos of a bird house that I constructed for our garden.

The structure is built from recycled cedar fencing and the openings are covered with a strip of aluminum to prevent other animals from entering.

I used drop ceiling hardware to support the wire for the birds to sit on. The roof of the house is slate that I salvaged from a house many years ago, the front panels are screwed to the main carcass and can be removed for cleaning.

I supposed these structures are built for purple martins but I will accept any tenants.

- A.G. Harry Bergsma; Coldstream, Ontario, Canada

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Birdhouse 1

Birdhouse 2

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  1. Linda says:

    This is a wonderful birdhouse, thanks for sharing! Although I have tried building my own in the past and never had too much luck. I gave in and purchased one from http://www.kinsmangarden.com/category/Birdhouses-Birdfeeders and it’s worked out really great.

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