Changing Table and Dresser – All in One!

While many projects can be somewhat timeless, furniture for babies & children may lose some of its usefulness after time. This reader found a great way to extend the functionality of his work.

I made this changing table for the baby of my brother-in-law and later I made the top that he could add on to modify to a dresser.

So the furniture has a second life, and maybe his daughter will change her baby on the same changing table.

Made of yellow birch.

- Denis Pinard; Sherbrooke, Quebec

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

changing table


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6 thoughts on “Changing Table and Dresser – All in One!

  1. I would love to have the plans for this if there is any.Grandchild is on the way. This would be a great Heirloom from Grandpa. Even if it only turns out half as good as this one. You did an excellent job

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  3. Anyone have a detailed drawing of this or even a Sketch-up file? I would love to make this for a new grandchild on the way!

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