Gentlemen (and -women), Start Your Captions!

As we were digging through our archives putting together this year’s April Fool’s eZine, I ran across some photos from the past that just beg for our readers’ clever captioning (given the outpouring of quality submissions for this entry).

This one features Jeff Jacobson, our Senior Art Director and frequent contributor to the magazine.

We know you’ve got some ideas, so let’s hear them!

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Our Art Director in a Go Cart

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About Matt Becker

Matt Becker is the Content Coordinator for Woodworker's Journal and manages much of our online content. While very much a novice when it comes to woodworking, Matt is a fan of anything creative and "home-made", such as home-brewed beer, home-roasted coffee, and his home-built road bicycle.

22 thoughts on “Gentlemen (and -women), Start Your Captions!

  1. OK. I’ve heard they made some compromises for those new government fuel regulations, but this is ridiculous.

  2. ohhhhh the plans WERE in Metric!


    “Son, if you want your own blue-with-yellow-stripes, pedal-powered racing car, then MAKE YOUR OWN, THIS ONES MINE!!! I MADE IT!!! :D


    Life was hard for the world’s tallest man…


    These new electric cars don’t have much legroom…


    VOLVO: Creating tiny cars for average sized humans, with steering wheels in awkward places…

    that is all for now… :D

  3. I will be glad when Toyota gets their problems straight so I can get my car back

  4. Yeah, I’ll drive there but I REFUSE to drive home from my colonoscopy in this car.


    Honest, officer! I AM trying to get my license and registration.

  5. “Who needs renewable energy sources??? I just need to find a big hill!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

  6. This wet wood really shrunk as it dried


    Is this what that book meant when it talked about wood expanding and contracting?

  7. Mrs Smith, I think Johnny has taken enough of the human growth hormone. Just how big did you want him to get?

  8. ” It’s a little cramped, but the MPG is GREAT!!”
    “But Honey. It was on sale!”
    “Next project…The Batmobile!”
    “I’ll show that bully, Ralph. I’m gonna run over his skateboard!”

  9. Matt never did get over his love affair for the Scout’s Pine Derby Race.


    Laugh all you want, but it gets *great* mileage.


    The EPA decided to hold hearings concerning possible greenhouse gas emissions from the WWJ Sports Car.


    WWJ Racing, sponsored by Dr. Scholl’s, Icy Hot, and Bush’s Baked Beans.


    I couldn’t find space for airbags, so in the event of a crash, aim for something soft.

  10. “You’ve gotta expect a couple of glitches when you build from a sketch rather than plans”

    “It was easy getting IN this thing, but I really hate to think of unwinding and getting OUT again.”

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